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LORENCE - Paintings, Etchings

Positive plastic artist involved in causes to defend disability or oppose unnecessary turf wars  through works of alliance on multiple supports (linen, jute, paper, glass, metal, plastic, wood…).

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LORENCE (Marilyn)

LORENCEHaudrey Hepburn

LORENCE (Koï Carp 01)

LORENCE (Poppy 01)

LORENCE (Sandrine 02)

LORENCE (Adjani)

LORENCENatalia Pink

LORENCE (Koï Carp 02)

LORENCE (Poppy 02)

LORENCE (Magnolia in bloom)

LORENCE (Natalia executive 01)

LORENCE (Natalia executive 02)

LORENCE (Liz Taylor)

LORENCE (Grace Kelly)

LORENCE (Koï Carp 03)

LORENCE (Natalia Color)

LORENCE (Natalia Gray)

LORENCE (Color tree)

LORENCE (Amen Viana)

LORENCE (Poppy 03)

LORENCE (Magnolia 01)

LORENCE (White Elephant)


LORENCE (Magnolia 02)

LORENCE (Hotel San Luciani)

Painting has always been part of Lorence's universe, this passion was transmitted to him by his Vietnamese father who was also an artist at heart. This is how she observes him painting and takes her own colored pencils and draws from her earliest childhood.
His first professional experience, in the field of communication, allows him to combine on the one hand, his interpersonal skills and on the other hand his artistic sensitivity.
This is the beginning of a series of chromatic compositions made with hundreds of cuttings in the press.
She signs a style and a spirit that she will find again years later through her digital creations recognizable by her explosion and her generosity of symbolic materials.
The surrounding environment serves as a basis for creation. She captures snapshots of life by constantly taking photos. She constantly creates “mood notes”, “an air of time” that she posts on Instagram.

UNIVERSE Lorence's creations evolve between nature, landscapes and flowers, portraits and the animal world. His favorite themes naturally turn to peace, love and nature where man and the animal world coexist. She captures her surroundings, as one would with agile and delicate butterflies. His works are sometimes double: a video clip echoes the final painting, recounting the process, also giving the work a story made up of movements, dynamic testimony of his boiling spirit. But his worlds remain cheerful, strong. We are won over by its flamboyant world and we begin to dream. To dream that all the symbols of union and positive representations can materialize one day in real life.


The animal world has inspired  Lorence for more than 25 years, especially elephants, his favorite animal which is a lucky charm in Asia. This interest very quickly extended to other species of the wild world that she knew how to decline and interpret in many ways. The colors of her paintings are metallic, luminous, flamboyant, in warm tones as well as in the bright colors that characterize her. The textures are rich and complex, the material dense, as if we felt the strength of the artist combined with that of the animal. The positive energy of his creative gesture emerges from his paintings and shines through in his interpretations.


The plant world has always been a symbol of hope and renewal for Lorence. We are transported with it into a dreamlike floral universe or into a nature that inspires escape.   His paintings combine his travel memories and his imaginary world. She likes this botanical world for all that it represents in terms of symbols: the ambiguity of poppy flowers, cypresses symbols of immortality, lotus flowers for personal fulfillment, _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_the magnolias symbol of strength, purity and love… A whole garden that she explores ad infinitum.

Undeniably passionate about portraits, Lorence declines through her works sublimated identities and hidden messages.
Inspired by the icons who knew how to transcend their faults and their wounds to become strong women radiant by their work and their talent, Lorence updates them in a contemporary spirit with the aim of making their influence last.
Considering that women are not armed enough to defend themselves in life, she adorns them with spears, grenades, knives which are subtly hidden in the compositions.
Loving new challenges, through commissions, she highlights the characteristics of the person, discusses the project and develops unique works with references to key elements of the subjects' lives. They evolve in a colorful, lively and full of momentum filled with symbols specific to each person. Through her creations, Lorence transports them to extraordinary places, times or outfits, like in the wildest dreams of a child.

RESILIENCE Lorence is a resilient, spontaneous and generous visual artist. His battles: peace and reconciliation. It stands up against internal wars in the same community or family, the fight against drugs, injustice and violence against women, against inertia, the partitioning of certainties, bad faith and lies and fights for the visibility of people with disabilities. All these subjects touch her directly and she sublimates them divinely through her creations. Multiple, she deploys her immeasurable love for life and her intense happiness by drawing her strength from renewal, because like the phoenix, she transcends each ordeal like a rebirth by writing mysterious messages to be deciphered in her works, sometimes by turning the table. , looking for a shape in a jungle of colors, or using a mirror…

TECHNIQUES Lorence combines and alternates between traditional and digital work and deploys her creativity both on large formats (2mx 2m) and on easily transportable surfaces. His favorite supports are linen, jute but also digital. She began to explore the possibilities offered by digital with the arrival of the iPhone 6s Plus by modifying her shots and composing creations with her finger using the three tools and five colors available at the time (first series Instagram). In 2018, another creative dimension begins with the iPad Pro, which amplifies his creative freedom and opens up new artistic opportunities for him. Her search for the enhancement of light led her to explore the possibilities offered by metal. She combines art prints that she meticulously reworks, etches and adds paint to obtain dazzling colors with a unique shine and luminosity that change over the day and the position in which you stand. find.

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